Did you know that we have not one, not two, but THREE business that all operate under one roof? That’s right! We have grown a lot in the past five years, but it has not always been this way. When The Delish Dish first started, Mavis had a dream of owning her own catering business, but like most people who have dreams, there were many obstacles that stood in the way. The hardest part for any business is getting your feet planted firmly and creating something out of nothing. This is what keeps most ideas from ever becoming an actual business.

Mavis began her catering business out of the kitchen in her home in Chicago. She loved hosting events and preparing meals for her guests, so when she moved to Northern Kentucky, she had a vision of turning her passion into a career. The only problem was that it is nearly impossible to run a catering business out of a personal kitchen. That is when she discovered The Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen (NKIK), which provided her with a commercial sized kitchen where she was able to rent out her own space and use their cooking equipment in order to get her business up and running.

Fast forward five years — Mavis’ dream has become a reality, and The Delish Dish is a very successful catering company in the Cincinnati/NKY region. There has even been a second business that has grown out of The Delish Dish. That is where Made by Mavis jams comes into play. Having gotten praise from her clients about certain recipes she used to prepare catering meals, we decided to start selling our different jams and jellies on their own. Made by Mavis now offers 16 different artisan jams year round, as well as seasonal options that rotate during the year.

Now, with two business to run, we have taken a look back at our roots, and realized that without the help of an incubator kitchen, we might not ever have been able to grow into the companies that we are today. That is where our THIRD business comes into play — KICKSTART KITCHEN. We decided to launch our own incubator in order to help other businesses have the same opportunity that Mavis was given five years ago.

Kickstart Kitchen is not just an incubator kitchen, but it is an opportunity to help others dreams become a reality. We offer our 5,000 sq. ft. kitchen to any up and coming business owner, or anybody who does not have the space or equipment to prepare what they need. So far, we have partnered up with six businesses, each with their own unique aspirations and delicious products.

Oliver’s Desserts– Ashley has been making some of the most incredible desserts out of her home since 2012, but recently has partnered with Kickstart Kitchen to maximize her creations. Her desserts range from cakes and cupcakes, to cookies, cobblers, or chocolate covered everything. She can bring any artistic vision to life in an edible form, and we promise that you’ll be satisfied with the results.

RAW Intervention- Trinidad at RAW Intervention believes that the best way to achieve balance and happiness in life is through a well crafted, plant based diet. We truly are what we eat, and by creating very balanced meals and preparing meal plans for her clients, Trinidad is attempting to help make her clients as healthy as possible, while creating some very delicious dishes.

Four Mile Pig– This business is one of the tastiest BBQ you’ll ever eat, and the best part is, they will come to you (sort of). Four Mile Pig is a food truck that comes from the hills of Camp Springs, Kentucky. While they are typically hanging out at the Camp Springs Tavern in their home town, they will take their truck on the road to some of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s most fun events.

Evergreen Foods– Evergreen wants to provide the entire world with their special Vegan Zucchini Bread, which is made from zucchini grown on their farm at the Evergreen Holistic Learning Center. Not only do they cook the best zucchini bread in this region, but you are supporting a good cause by purchasing their products. They donate all the profits from their sales to their non-profit learning center to help  provide unique educational outreach opportunities for inner city students.

Ungrained– Ungrained is a gluten-free, grain free, and refined sugar free bakery specializing in cakes and cupcakes, but they are willing to try just about anything to provide you with the dessert that you want for your special occasion. Who says that just because it is healthy and good for you doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious? One last of their desserts and you’ll be convinced.

Grandma’s Empty Refrigerator Cheesecakes– Honestly, does anybody know a better cook than their Grandma? We didn’t think so. Neither did our friends at Grandma’s Empty Fridge, who are keeping the memory of their grandma alive through her recipes by providing clients with the various cheesecakes she had been known for. Mmmmm…. Delicious!