With wedding season in full swing, things at The Delish Dish have been crazy as we cater numerous weddings and events each week. We have catered weddings of all styles and sizes, from sentimental brunches to beautiful barn weddings and elegant downtown receptions. We understand that each wedding is unique and has its own style; when you choose The Delish Dish, we will help bring out your personal style in every detail, not just in the food we prepare.

When you book your wedding with us, we want to make your vision come true anyway that we can. We understand that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, so we follow a specific process to ensure that your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Stage 1: Initial Consultation

In the earliest stage of planning, every wedding client has a one-on-one wedding consultation with our executive chef and owner, Mavis Linnemann-Clark. We encourage clients to dream big during this first meeting, where we go over menu options, dietary restrictions, venue requirements, the wedding timeline, budget, china and linen rentals, and various other basic details. From this 45-minute meeting, The Delish Dish puts together a custom proposal with pricing for your big day.

Stage 2: Menu Adjustments

After the first consultation and once our client reviews the proposal, we chat about how to adjust your menu and package options to fit your wedding’s budget. We customize our wedding collections to your budget, dietary restrictions or aversions, and the venue you’ve chosen.

Stage 3: Menu Tasting

Once your ideal menu has been selected, we invite our bride and groom (and another guest or two if requested) into our facility in Covington for a taste test. Our chefs prepare samples of most dishes on your menu and we invite you to discuss your thoughts on the food. If you have specific dietary requests or adjustments based on the samples, we can make those changes at this meeting.

Stage 4: Booking

Clients generally book The Delish Dish at or after the tasting with a save-the-date deposit. We only book 2 weddings per day so we can focus all of our attention on our wedding clients. At this point, we will mark you into our busy calendar and add you to the exciting list of weddings that we cater each year.

Stage 5: Venue Walkthrough

Once booked with us, you will not have to worry about a thing until 8-12 weeks before your wedding when we will schedule a walkthrough at your venue. Mavis will meet you at the venue and tour the facility while discussing table layout, linen rentals, a finalized timeline of the reception, and any changes you’d like to make. Once everything has been agreed upon and planned out, there is nothing left to do but give us your final guest count 3 weeks before the wedding and celebrate your big day.

Stage 6: Wedding Day!

You have lots to do on your big day, and with The Delish Dish as your caterer we will bend over backwards to ensure that you don’t need to lift a finger. We ensure every last detail is correct, and we will arrive on time and ready to feed your hungry guests with smiles on our faces, no matter what curve balls get thrown our way.


So if you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you want to have us cater your wedding, just keep in mind all of the little things we will do to make this day perfect. We will communicate with you from the very beginning of your engagement until the final hours. Simply put — We want to make sure you say “I do” to The Delish Dish!