The wedding industry is a constantly changing and evolving business with trends that come and go as the seasons change. While certain things have remained the same through centuries of wedding traditions, the modern wedding has changed a great deal over the last few decades. People don’t want their wedding to follow the traditional route as much anymore. They’d rather be the one to plan that unique wedding that people will be talking about for years,. That could mean having a destination wedding, a unique theme, or some other individualized touch to make sure the day will be remembered, which is where the changing wedding trends come from.

One trend that we’ve been noticing recently is a spike in brewery weddings. Being based out of Cincinnati, we are surrounded by craft beer everywhere we go. It seems like every month we hear about Cincinnati’s newest brewery, and with a growing demand for wedding venues, these generally large breweries are opting to accommodate these events while utilizing their rustic and urban architecture their advantage. If you and your fiance are craft beer lovers, then we highly suggest going the brewery wedding route for your special day. To help you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should have your wedding at a brewery!


  1. Although we mentioned it a little already, the rustic vibe of breweries cannot be matched or recreated elsewhere. While most wedding venues are built to be elegant and classy, this is not the main goal of a brewery. Many of the structures feature exposed brick, concrete floors and metal beams. These urban architectural features set a very unique vibe that fits young couples trying to escape the traditional wedding feeling.
  2. Another good thing about the fact that breweries are generally large open buildings with high ceilings is that the decor is usually pretty minimal. Because of this, you really have creative control to turn the space into whatever you’re envisioning. The high ceilings allow for long strands of hanging lights, and the colors of the exposed brick can be complemented with your table or wall decorations.
  3. Depending on how intense your love for beer is, if your reception is at a brewery, you could keep the beer theme running throughout the rest of the night. Party favors could be beer themed items like coasters, koozies, or bottle openers. Your table decorations could include growlers, pints, and beer bottles with an array of hops and wheat, and there are enough beer puns to fill every “hoppily ever after” sign you wish to hang.

  4. There are fantastic photo opportunities inside of a brewery. The classy dress attire of your wedding will pair well with painted brick signs, industrial urban architecture, or large brewing equipment. Some people will travel around the city to find photo opportunities like that for their wedding, but if you book yours at a brewery, it come with the venue!
  5. Let’s be honest, one of the best things about weddings is the one thing that breweries have an abundance of — alcohol! Although your venue will most likely want you to only buy your alcohol from them, odds are they will cut you a great deal on a craft beer package for your wedding. You will know that your drinks are fresh, local, and crafted underneath the same roof where you are celebrating.